Michael Ward (ILF2014)


Institution: University of Adelaide
Course: Professional Management Program

The application for the ILF comprised of three stages with the initial stage requiring the completion of an online application, a relatively simple process (stage 1). This was followed by a second more detailed application which contained more in depth information such as, your leadership experience to date, what aspects of your work life you wish to improve and how the ILF will benefit your employer and community. Stage 2 also asked which course / professional development you would like to pursue, which at the time I hadn’t established what course suited my current and future employment. It was at this time Geoff Vogt and I began talking about possible options that would suit my current role and what would be best fit for where I could see my future development.

Following this application came the third stage, an interview with some of the ILF board. I enjoyed this stage the most out of the whole application process. Having the opportunity to meet with South Australian business leaders sitting on the panel determining if applicants are to meet their requirements to be a part of the ILF. I valued their feedback I came out of the interview buzzing!

After a number of discussions with Geoff, I made the decision to enrol in the Professional Management Program (PMP) run by the University of Adelaide. This program ran over a 12-month period covering a range of business management topics such as the Lean Six Sigma, Leading and Managing People and Financial and Strategic Management. It also allowed two elective courses of which I chose to focus on Results Driven Coaching and Project Management. Each of these programs ran over a two-day period with some additional assignments and exercises required for the completion of each program.

The PMP participants were from diverse backgrounds and industries which allowed me to network and gain an appreciation that the range of issues I face, are also experienced by others across different sectors. It was great for the participants to hear about each other’s experiences and share knowledge from all of our different backgrounds.

I completed the PMP throughout 2015 and have since used much of the training in my role as an Almond Orchard Manager. The knowledge and skills I have gained has given me confidence to increase my leadership capacity and set the direction in which I wish to move toward in the future.

I wish to thank Geoff and the members of the ILF for such a great experience and for giving me the opportunity to be a part of such a great program within South Australia.