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Geoffrey Telford Vogt - Chief Executive Officer

Geoff Vogt has extensive experience in the financial services and insurance industries. He was for nearly 12 years until July 2008 Chief Executive Officer of the Motor Accident Commission in South Australia, a statutory authority which has responsibility for the monopoly compulsory third party insurance scheme in our state.

Previously Geoff had worked in branch and head office financial positions in a major Australian life insurer, in merchant banking money market and advisory roles, as Manager Group Funding for a major listed Australian corporation, and had shorter periods of experience in a home building company, and as an advisor to the Deputy Premier.

In addition to his role at the ILF, Geoff is a Director of KeyInvest Ltd, Chairman of the Centennial Park Cemetery Authority Board, acting Chairman of the Eastern Regional Alliance Water Board, Director of United Way SA Inc, and a Director of United Way Australia. He served for approximately 30 years in the Australian Army Reserve in a variety of roles, reaching the rank of Lieutenant Colonel, and currently provides facility and governance services to certain Australian Defence Force units. He has also served as an office holder on a number of community based committees and boards.

Geoff has been a lecturer and examiner for professional bodies and TAFE over many years.


Geoff Vogt was delighted to be offered the opportunity to be CEO of the ILF He said, “I believe this is a once in a lifetime opportunity to establish and nurture an organisation that has the potential to make an enormous difference to the lives of aspiring captains of industry with demonstrated potential. It will do this by allowing them to gain training or an experience opportunity that would not otherwise have been possible for them, and that will enable them to quickly reach their potential. My hope and expectation is that such leaders will be the catalyst and backbone for revived growth in the South Australian economy, leading to new job opportunities for, amongst others, the trades people who were the basis of the business of the ILF until 1 July 2009. There is no reason why, over time, these leaders should not match or exceed the performance of some of the leaders who have contributed their stories to this website. I am inspired by the vision of the Board members who fought to create the ILF, and are driving it forward, and honoured to have been entrusted to make their vision a reality.”

“I believe the characteristics exhibited by true leaders include vision, superior communication skills, passion, a powerful drive to succeed, strong inter-personal skills, charisma, inspirational team- building capacities, strong moral ethics, and a willingness to contribute to their community.”

“Industry leaders whose achievements I believe deserve great respect include Bill Gates, Sir Eric Neal, Lindsay Fox, Bill Cooper and Robert Gerard. Other leaders whom I admire for their significant contribution to South Australia include Dr Roger Sexton and Stephen Baker. Over time, I would hope that ILF grant recipients will be able to meet and even exceed the achievements of these people. If the ILF were to get really lucky, we might facilitate the development of a modern day industry leader and creator who could emulate a Bill Gates for example, whether in the IT industry or some other industry. I believe this is not impossible and the growth in SA if this were to happen would be a crowning glory for the ILF, for the state, and for Australia.”

“In summary, my hope is that the ILF can help people with real potential and dedication to realise their leadership dreams for the benefit of our community.”