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Chairman's Foundation

Colin PetersThe Industry Leaders Fund was established in 2009 with adequate endowment funds to ensure a perpetual flow of cash on an annual basis to support our grants program. Since establishment, the Fund has provided progressively increasing amounts in grants to potential industry leaders.

The Fund is now recognised as the premier educational grant provider in SA, and, as such, attracts requests for assistance from exceptional future leaders and entrepreneurs. This demand is well beyond the capacity of the Industry Leaders Fund as originally structured, and there is a need for it to develop in a manner that will enable more grants to more deserving applicants over the very long term.

We have therefore established the Chairman’s Foundation to provide a flexible structure for committed individuals and businesses to make contributions that will assist future leaders to make a difference to South Australia over the years to come.

The Chairman’s Foundation allows for Tax deductibility if required. It accepts contributions and bequests from individuals and businesses. The key factor is flexibility to tailor your contribution to fit your specific requirements. It accepts contributions and bequests from individuals and businesses, and provides contribution tax deductibility. The key factor in the Chairman’s Foundation establishment is its ability to allow contribution arrangements to be tailored to fit your specific requirements.

The Chairman’s Foundation attracts no administration fees or charges, as it is administered by the trustee, the Industry Leaders Fund; therefore 100% of the contributions received go to the benefit of grantees.

You are invited to discuss your donation requirements in confidence with the CEO of the Industry Leaders Fund.