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Announcement 3


The Honorary Chairman of the Industry Leaders Fund (ILF), Mr Colin Peters, is pleased to announce that the ILF’s second call for grant applications is open and will close on Tuesday 31 May 2011.

Mr Peters said, “Applications are sought from people who have real, demonstrated potential to become leaders of industry in South Australia. Applicants are expected to nominate the type of training or experience opportunity they believe will best progress the realisation of their leadership potential and the expected cost. Grants of up to $50,000 are available to successful applicants.”

ILF Treasurer David McNeil said two outstanding candidates were successful in the inaugural call in 2010, and the fund has the capacity to make a significantly increased number of awards in 2011, provided quality applicants come forward. The awards in 2010 are funding studies at Adelaide and Harvard Universities and at a very advanced CAD conference in the United States.

The ILF has adopted a two stage methodology to simplify the process for applicants. The first stage requires mainly factual summary level information about the applicant. ILF will assess this data and determine which applicants have the best potential for success at the second more complex stage. This process encourages those with the necessary pre-requisites before they have to expend the time and effort required to complete all the details that are required. Applications can be made on-line or with application forms downloaded for paper submission from

ILF CEO Geoff Vogt, said, “The objective of the grants is to enable or accelerate future leaders who will contribute to wealth creating industry and a head office mentality in South Australia. ILF does not have restrictions on the age of candidates nor does it restrict the type of training or experience opportunity that will be funded provided there is a reasonable prospect that our objective will be achieved by the applicants.”

Honorary Board Member Stephen Myatt, SA Director for the Australian Industry Group said “Employers of choice normally offer meaningful personal development opportunities. Supporting talented employees to apply for an ILF grant can provide a significant benefit to an employer’s training.”

If you are interested please access or contact the CEO at our blog accessed through our website, by e-mail or phone 8300 0130.

Enquiries to:
Geoff Vogt
CEO, Industry Leaders Fund
Phone: 08 8300 0130 or 0457 900 202