Board Members

Stephen Richter

Honorary Board Member

Stephen Richter is the Managing Director of SJ Cheesman.

SJ Cheesman was established in 1908 as a Blacksmith Shop servicing the busy port of Pirie. The company is now a heavy plate fabricator to the mining, smelting and general process industries in Australia.

Stephen started as a fitter and turner at Weapons Research Establishment, then worked for one year at the Port Pire Smelter. He then worked at SJ Cheesman, and 14 years later purchased the company, Stephen grew the company from 19 employees to 111 employees, now there are 50 people working there.

In the past Stephen has been President at AiGroup and a National Executive. In the seventies he was a member of Rural Youth at Gawler, member of Rotaract which is a junior version of Rotary. He has been on various company boards.

Stephen Richter