Are You Eligible For A Grant?

Are You Eligible For A Grant?

David Heaslip, Managing Director of the Century Group, Member of the Australia Industry Group South Australia Council, ILF 2012 Scholar and ILF Honorary Board Member states,

“The application process is straight forward and supporting documentation provides clear guidelines about what is required in the application.”

If you answer yes to the questions below you are likely to be eligible for an ILF grant. Do you:

Have the potential to be a leader and have held leadership positions or in other ways demonstrated leadership capacity?

The Industry Leaders Fund recognises that leadership potential is not restricted to those who have a university or other qualification, and applications are encouraged from anyone who believes they have leadership potential and who has demonstrated that potential in their lives to date. Demonstration of leadership capacity is likely to have been in the workplace, but may have been shown through positions of leadership responsibility in a volunteer capacity, for example in a sporting club, industry association or other community organisation.

Work in a wealth creating industry as defined by the ILF?

The ILF objective is to support what we define as wealth creating industry, that is industry that is generating employment and activity that might not otherwise be located here in South Australia. Looked at another way, suitable applicants will be working in organisations that export their product, or are at least competing with imports. Examples of traditional wealth creating industries include manufacturers, food processors, wine makers, miners, defence equipment suppliers and medical technology. The ILF recognises that the nature of industry is evolving, and also supports “new” manufacturing, such as export oriented web designers, IT software development houses, mining services etc. As “new” manufacturing is evolving, you should clarify the definition with the ILF before applying if you believe you qualify in this area. On the reverse side, industries that do not fit our definition of wealth creation are those that typically  service the local populace of South Australia. Examples would include local retail outlets, health services, public servants, lawyers, bankers, financial advisers etc. These industries will benefit as ILF grant recipients create more employment in South Australia and build the size of the market for these “local service” industries.

Live in South Australia and have a commitment to South Australia?

Preference will be given to those applicants who are Australian Citizens and those who are residents of South Australia.

Believe in the importance of successful South Australian companies?

The ILF wishes to encourage a head office mentality in South Australia, so a greater proportion of the important business decisions that impact local employment and wealth generation are made here in South Australia.

Believe in the importance of successful South Australian industries?

The ILF is keen to foster a spirit of entrepreneurial endeavour and an innovative approach to ensure that business in South Australia can adapt to increasing competition and commercial reality over time.

Want to contribute to the growth and prosperity of South Australia?

The ILF is intended to benefit South Australia, and applicants for a grant must explain how they will ensure that the knowledge or experience they gain through ILF funding will achieve this aim.

Aim to meet or beat world's best practice?

The ILF wishes to encourage SA business to be equal to its competitors wherever they are, and applicants should be able to demonstrate how they can contribute to this.

Believe in leadership renewal and generational change?

Sustainable growth and success of industry in SA depends upon good leadership today and in the future. Applicants should be able to explain how their grant will contribute to this objective.

Have what it takes to ensure that the ILF achieves its aims and becomes a high impact fund?

The ILF seeks ideas from applicants about how it can improve its profile to ensure that the best possible applicants apply.

Are willing to share any ILF supported learning with other industry leaders, including competitors?

The ILF considers that applicants who have a track record of voluntary contribution through industry associations and/or charity organisations are most likely to share their learning more widely, in turn multiplying the benefit of that learning to the business community in South Australia.

Will support the ILF Scholar Network upon confirmation of a grant?

The ILF Scholar Network has been formed to assist future leaders who have received grants to support the success of the ILF and each other.

Are or have the potential to be a vibrant and capable person?

The ILF seeks to support those with natural leadership abilities and these are two indicators of leadership potential, amongst others.

Have enough years in your working life to repay to your employer and the SA community for an ILF investment in your leadership ability?

The ILF does not discriminate on the basis of age, but with limited funds, has a responsibility to ensure that the maximum benefit over time is generated from the grants it offers.

Have confirmed as far as possible with the organisation that offers the course or self-improvement opportunity you have selected, that you are eligible to be enrolled, but have not actually enrolled in the course etc?

ILF funding is intended to support those who wish to undertake study or a self-improvement opportunity etc that they might not otherwise have been able to undertake. If you have already enrolled in your course etc you will not be eligible for a grant. Likewise offering a grant to an applicant who will not be eligible for enrolment will prevent the ILF offering a grant or grants to other applicants.

Have the support of your employer for the time necessary to undertake your proposed course or self improvement opportunity?

The ILF will not offer grants to applicants who cannot assure it that they will able to undertake the selected course or self improvement opportunity.

Have access to at least 20% of the expected cost of your course or self improvement opportunity?

The ILF does not provide 100% funding, and applicants or their employers must provide the balance. The amount of top-up funds required may vary, and you should contact the ILF to discuss the factors taken into account in assessing how much might be required.

Have considered how you might fund attendance at subsequent years of your chosen course or self improvement opportunity?

The ILF provides grants to fund one year of study etc at a time. You are welcome to apply for funding support for subsequent years, but there can be no guarantee that the ILF will be able to support you at that time.

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