With the support of the ILF I attended the Innovative Technology Leader course at the Stanford Graduate School of Business in January 2019. The intensive one week program of lectures and activities covered a broad range of topics including strategy, culture, scaling up, design thinking, story telling, and neuroscience. The course was delivered by experts able to teach their subject and provide a clear link to its role in achieving commercial success. Capable and energetic industry leaders came to Stanford from across the globe, sharing experience and allowing valuable lessons to be brought back to South Australia.

The case studies in strategy, disruption and supply chain management provided insights that will help keep Myriota at the forefront of innovation. The teachings on neuroscience and culture delivered valuable techniques for leading and supporting our high performing team. The methods provided for scaling up are assisting Myriota as we continue to rapidly grow. The course provided a useful toolkit for working on, and in, the business to expand and succeed.

I am grateful to the ILF for supporting my participation and for the opportunities the ILF creates to build, maintain and share capability. It is an exciting time for start-up and scale-up companies in South Australia and the ILF’s support is helping to seed growth that will benefit industry for decades to come.