The Australian Institute of Company Directors course has been a goal of mine for some time. During 2018 and 2019 it was becoming more apparent that for the benefit of the business and my own personal development, that I just needed to find time to do it, and with the generosity of the Industry Leaders Fund, there really were no more excuses.

The course is offered as a five-day intensive or spread over several weeks. I elected for the intensive option, blocked out a week in my calendar and felt that was manageable.

What I didn’t appreciate was the amount of time required for pre-reading before the course, and the examination component. Looking back, I would say that added another two weeks in overall time required to extract the maximum benefit from the course.

I found the course content, presentation and facilitators to be a very high standard, relevant and practical to business owners and operators. The reference material sits in my office bookshelf and I refer to it regularly. Also worth pointing out is the greater benefit of developing a directors mindset.

Once the course was completed, my focus shifted to getting through the three exams within the allotted time. In my experience, the long answer exam proved more challenging and I needed to re-sit this component. Again, this was a good learning opportunity, with plenty of support offered by the AICD team including additional feedback and coaching.

I certainly feel the learnings from the course have enabled me to build stronger foundations for the business. I have also met some fantastic people in the Alumni and attended a lot of valuable AICD events since completing the course. I would highly recommend it.