Seth Thuraisingham

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Seth Thuraisingham

I was extremely fortunate to receive an ILF grant for The Corporate Entrepreneurship programme at Stanford University. The course consisted of two parts, the 1st week in March 2019 and the 2nd week in May 2019, with project work occurring between both sessions.

During the course, I learnt a lot from the leaders in the industry around strategic thinking, storytelling, presenting, neuroscience and understanding competitive advantage. Also not only did I learn from the faculty, but there were also significant learnings from my peers, who were leaders from all over the globe.

The neuroscience component taught by Baba Shiv was excellent in terms of getting the tools to optimise my performance as an individual leader and giving me the insight to understand the people around me whom I lead.

The design thinking course was crucial in terms of teaching us the tools and the thought processes to extract and ideate new innovations through a process that delivers real outcomes. I have since brought these techniques and concepts back to strategic workshops, annual and quarterly planning.

Further to the course work, we did in-depth case studies. In particular, there was a case study on Nokia, a $20bn software industry company, we analysed and constructively reviewed their innovation program and even had the chance to talk to the head of software engineering in Nokia, the protagonist of the business case. This gave us a chance to ask questions and also understand what the outcomes were as a result of some of the decisions that were made in the business case.

In the first week, we all had the chance to pitch a project which was then voted on by the class. I was fortunate enough to have my project selected by the class along with 4 other projects. A team was selected within the class to work on my project and the aim was to develop the project and pitch it at the end of the second week of the course in May. The ideas to support the project both from the course and the cohort was invaluable and provided me experience and skills that will be timeless in my business career.

The ILF grant provided me with networks, skills and foundations that will continue to support me in growing the economy in South Australia.”