Shaun Westcott

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Shaun Westcott

The Industry Leaders Fund develops future Leaders which will grow business and the economy in South Australia, by providing unique opportunities for current and future leaders to attend leading educational institutions.

I was privileged to be selected and accepted to attend the “Leadership for Senior Executives” programme at Harvard Business School in April 2019.

In an increasingly complex and fast changing global environment successful leaders need to be alert to the issues driving change, underpinning trends and changing consumer demands. It is those companies who are tuned in, agile and able to mould diverse and complex forces into an effective strategy who will be most successful.

The “Leadership for Senior Executives” programme is designed to develop the skill to identify new opportunities, navigate change and chart a growth path to sustainable expansion. As a leading educational institution, it teaches cutting edge skills, tools, techniques and strategy.

By design the programme draws upon and incorporates senior executives from organisations around the globe. This is intentional, as in addition to the course content there is substantial learning and benchmarking of best practice from interacting with global leaders, which provides valuable exposure and context to leadership in different political, economic and social environments.

I believe I have benefited greatly from attending the programme, as in addition to the world class knowledge, skills and insights imparted by the lecturers I have developed the skill set to identify new opportunities, navigate change and chart a path to sustainable growth and expansion as well as to lead with vision and confidence in complex, rapidly changing and unpredictable global markets and environments.

The opportunity provided to me by the Industry Leaders Fund is deeply appreciated as it presented me and others like me a unique opportunity to gain skills and knowledge that will contribute significantly to the future growth and development of South Australia. I strongly encourage other leaders within the state to apply for similar programmes and to participate in the many opportunities to be gained from being an Industry Leaders Fund Scholar.