Mentoring Program

Mentoring Program

We propose to launch another Mentoring Program later in 2021. 


Welcome to the inaugural Industry Leaders Fund Mentoring Program 2016-17

There is a wealth of knowledge and experience within the South Australian business community. We believe engaging our scholars with this community offers a unique opportunity for you to be inspired and learn from these experiences. It also provides the chance for our ILF board members, ambassadors and external business professionals to give back to the community, and to contribute to the development of our scholars.

I am pleased to launch the inaugural ILF mentoring program for 2016-17. This 12 month program has been designed to assist past and present scholars seeking opportunities for career and personal development by creating mentoring relationships with leaders in the South Australian business community.

Why do it?

Mentoring provides a close one on one relationship that provides many benefits.

Anthony Kittel is a big advocate. Click here to watch video

Geoff Vogt learned many valuable lessons from mentors early in his career. He was quite shy about business meetings and over a period of three years with two mentors gained a series of insights and methods to overcome his fears. Later in life he mentored a number of younger business people and found the discussion actually lead him to answer many current day challenges. You can read more about his experience here.

Eddie Lane
ILF 12
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How to do it

“Mentoring is a term that is often used but less often understood. A short summary of a Harvard Business Review article was published in the May 2017 issue of Company Director, a monthly magazine of the  Australian Institute of Company Directors, and has been reproduced with their permission.”