ILF Scholars Network

ILF Scholars Network

During 2013 the Board decided to implement its plan to establish a Scholars Network. Known as the Industry Leaders Fund Scholars Network (ILFSN), an inaugural meeting was held in April 2013.

The ILFSN is organised by a committee that has worked to establish strong foundations for the future in a very short time. The inaugural Chair for two years until February 2015 was Anthony Kittel. Eddie Lane took over from Anthony and in February 2017 Kris Lloyd will take over. Steve Todd will step down as Treasurer and become Vice Chair and Marc Allgrove is the new Treasurer. The other members of the committee are Kelly Keates, Stephanie Morris, Shane Kelly, Emilio De Stefano, Darren Turner and David Hart. ILF Honorary Deputy President/Treasurer Paul Haysman and ILF CEO Geoff Vogt represent the ILF at committee meetings, which are held three times a year.

The ILFSN holds two cocktail functions each year with a keynote speaker, and member networking opportunities. High quality speakers such as Rear Admiral the Honourable Kevin Scarce AC CSC RAN (Rtd), Royal Commissioner for the Nuclear Fuel Cycle Royal Commission; Andrew Downs managing director of Sage Group Holdings;  Paul Crawford joint managing director of the CMV Group; Bob Kennedy, professional company director and many more have addressed ILFSN functions. At these cocktail functions members have been able to compare notes about their courses, the resultant learning, and more importantly their current business experiences and conditions more generally. There was also a fun social event hosted by BMW who held a drive day in June 2016, incorporating lunch at Maxwell Wines, McLaren Vale.

The members have expressed a strong interest in supporting the ILF objectives of expanding the leadership talent in South Australia, increasing the number of head offices here, and in turn growing the wealth-creating capacity of the SA economy.

The ILFSN holds training seminars during the year. The first one was held on 1 July 2015, the Network held a half day of training focusing on ‘Presenting Powerful Messages’ delivered by Kelly Nestor and Helen Tiller, and ‘Understanding the Media’ delivered by Ron Kandelaars. There was no cost to members due to generous sponsorship from the Commonwealth Bank, and Flinders University who allowed us to use their excellent facilities at Flinders at Tonsley. This training seminar was so popular, it was held again the following year.

A half day of training focused on business growth was delivered by Professor Jana Matthews at the University of SA – Centre for Business Growth, zero cost to members, thanks to support from the ANZ in October 2015. The ILFSN also held a half day network training seminar focusing on ‘Personal brand & Social Media’ delivered by Michelle Prak (Prakky), and ‘How to avoid random acts of lunch – strategic networking’ delivered by Lowen Partridge (Peartree Brand Strategy). Zero cost to members again thanks to sponsorship from Commonwealth Bank and William Buck for hosting the event.

In September 2016 the ILF launched an executive roundtable for Scholars. Each half day meeting hosted by each member in turn at their business. Feedback from the first three meetings has been very positive.

The ILFSN has developed a mentoring program with support from Deloitte. The launch which took place in October 2016 was held at and hosted by Deloitte Private Business on Fullarton Road. There were a total of 20 Mentor/Mentee matches arranged.

The Industry Leaders Fund believes the Network is an important value-add for grant recipients, and thanks the committee for their contribution to ensuring its success. In 2016 a number of applicants indicated potential membership of the Network was a prime motivation for their application. In the long term, the ILF looks forward to seeing the ILFSN evolve as a well-recognised contributor to the development of a strong business base in South Australia.