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The Industry Leaders Fund (ILF) was established in 2009 with adequate endowment funds to ensure a perpetual flow of cash to support our annual grants program.

The ILF is increasingly recognised as the foremost educational grant provider in South Australia, attracting applications from exceptional future leaders and entrepreneurs. This demand is exceeding the fund’s capacity and we are developing new models that will enable us to support deserving applicants well into the future.

Support can be provided to the ILF itself or through the Industry Leaders Chairman’s Foundation.

If you would like to partner with us to help ensure the state’s future innovation, wealth and prosperity, please get in touch. We invite you to share your thoughts with the CEO of the Industry Leaders Fund in the strictest confidence.

Amanda Goodfellow (Grant Thornton), Hamish Hogben

Avenues of Support

A donation to the ILF does not automatically provide Tax deductibility but does allow your funds to be directed to grants to support study at an offshore business school.

A donation to the Industry Leaders Chairman’s Foundation does provide tax deductibility but to comply with the tax law restricts your funds to support grants to support study offered by an approved Australian educational body. The course could include a component taught offshore provided it is offered as part of the Australian based course.

The CEO, or if you prefer, an office bearer of the ILF Board, will be happy to assist you in structuring your gift to ensure it will satisfy your objectives long into the future.

We adopt a very flexible stance to donor’s reasonable requests. Options can include:

  • One off gifts can be directed to a specific purpose.
  • Significant gifts can be directed to a specific purpose and grants awarded from the gifts can be named.
  • Gifts can be made as a one off or pledged on a regular basis over time.

If you have any questions about making a bequest to the ILF, please contact either The President, Deputy President and Treasurer, Vice President, or the CEO on 8394 0016.


A ‘bequest’ is a term for any money or personal property that you leave to another in your will. Leaving a bequest allows you to leave part, or all, of your estate to a charity or other organisation, such as the Industry Leaders Fund (ILF) direct, or through the Industry Leaders Chairman’s Foundation, upon your death. You may choose to leave a specified sum of money, or a portion of your estate.

Bequests enable you to provide support for the ILF for generations to come. You can choose how your bequest is to be used, including for general purposes or with a specific objective in mind.

We recommend that you seek advice from your solicitor when making or updating your will.

To make sure your wishes are honoured, once you have decided to leave a gift in your will, please register the bequest with the CEO of the ILF.

Living Bequest

Instead of leaving a bequest at the time of your death, you may choose to make a living bequest which will allow you to observe the application of your funds and see the benefits that accrue.


Donations can be made at any time to the ILF or the Industry Leaders Chairman’s Foundation. You can choose how your donation is to be used, including for general purposes or with a specific objective in mind.

Sample Bequest Wording

The following wording may be useful as a drafting aid for your solicitor if you wish to make a bequest to the ILF.