Michael Segredos (ILF2016)


Institution: INSEAD (France)
Course: Blue Ocean Strategy Program

I was completing some further studies at Adelaide University when someone mentioned the ILF and what it stood for and strongly recommended that I connect with Geoff. Geoff and I met, he went through the criteria and selection process and encouraged me to apply and was also very helpful in addressing any queries that arose throughout the process. I am very grateful to Geoff for his encouragement as well as the fellow ILF board members I had the pleasure of meeting during my interview in the third stage of the selection process.

The grant enabled me to study the Blue Ocean Strategy Programme at INSEAD Business School in Fontainebleau, France. This concept was developed by two INSEAD professors so to be able to study at the Blue Ocean Strategy Institute, the home of where this course was founded was an opportunity too good to pass by.

The premise of this strategy resonated in how we as a company operate and what our outlook is which is to challenge conventional thinking and go beyond industry boundaries. I have been able to bring back and apply many of the principles learnt.
Other than the academic benefits of being able to partake in this course, the ability to meet, network and work over the course of the week with fellow students who travelled to participate from all over the world was an invaluable experience. In addition to this as an ILF scholar there are endless opportunities offered to participate in various training courses and events and to network with likeminded fellow scholars.

I encourage anyone that has the drive and ambition to further their professional development and the desire to make a difference to apply for an Industry Leaders Fund grant.