Andrew Sluggett (ILF2018)

Institution: University of South Australia
Course: Accelerate & Scale Program

Since taking on the role of General Manager/Chief Pharmacist of CPIE Pharmacy Services, a 50-year-old South Australian company, I have been instrumental in advancing the business to become a leading aseptic compounding and hospital pharmacy provider to South Australian hospitals and the hospital in the home (HITH) sector.

Recognizing the ever-growing demand to provide care outside of the hospital setting, we established a spin off medical device startup (Infusion Innovations Pty Ltd) which I lead as managing director; developing and commercialising an innovative single-use electronic infusion pump for global infusion pump market worth more than $6 billion annually.

Despite acquiring a broad range of skills and experience throughout my career as a pharmacist in both the public hospital and community settings, including, clinical, cytotoxic/sterile manufacturing and leadership, this didn’t prepare me for what I was about to be challenged. Not only was I operating a pharmacy business facing increasing competition from multi-national companies, but was concurrently leading the development, commercialisation and launch of a medical device in a competitive global marketplace against many of these same multi-national companies.

As a result I began searching for ways to address these deficits, with a desire to enable me help take the business to the next level and to compete globally, but also to develop and expand the capabilities of the team that will support my leadership and business growth.

After thorough consideration and guidance on available options, I was fortunate with a successful ILF application which provided support of $15,000 towards undertaking the Accelerate & Scale Program through the Australian Centre for Business Growth, University of SA.

This world class 12 month program, offered locally in Adelaide, provided the much needed tools and support to developing my leadership role and business ambitions, and was very suited to my learning style and needs. The Accelerate & Scale Program is a tailored program for CEO’s in growing companies that delivers a comprehensive overview of mergers & acquisitions, building a global company, and investment. The course included structured learning sessions, but also focused on custom-tailored learning activities which support individual needs.

Program elements include:

  1. Modules: 2 x two-day modules
  2. Consulting support
  3. Coaching and mentoring calls and visits
  4. Webinars & resources
  5. Strategic planning sessions
  6. How to ‘pitch’ your idea

I am incredibly grateful to the ILF for the support they have provided, allowing both myself and our business to access this opportunity to learn and grow. I would encourage others to seriously consider applying to the ILF as the benefits to you, your business and South Australia are priceless.

Andrew Sluggett