Dean Johnson (ILF2021)


Melbourne Business School

Advanced Management Program

Through my annual development review, I flagged that I would like to undertake some study that expanded skills and competence in senior leadership.  Specifically, I wanted to focus on enhancing the areas of improvement and providing the opportunity to explore where I could improve areas of perceived strength will make me a more rounded leader and drive my performance to the next level.  

After researching the courses available I selected the Advanced Management Program delivered by the Melbourne School.  I thought that the diversity of the program and the intensive delivery model both suited my learning goals and the timeframes required. In order to assist, and after discussing internally, I was encouraged to apply for support through the Industry Leaders Fund.  The application process was fantastic and made me focus on what I wanted to achieve and what I really wanted from the course.  The communication channels were always open and there was always assistance when needed through the process.

Due to COVID and family needs I had to delay the course from the original date planned to September 2022. This proved to be fortuitous as the group studying at the time was smaller than normal at 13.  This allowed a much more intimate experience and the group bonded well.  The group was very diverse in terms of industry and experience which provided a rich learning environment with so many points of view and differing experiences to learn from. 

It was very much “drinking from the fire hose” as the course director put it.  The days were long and intense, and I am still assimilating much of the knowledge. The aspects of the course that resonated most and provided insights not just into my own organization but myself individually were the areas focused on personal branding, resilience and more broadly business strategy. We were presented with case studies and had the opportunity to speak with and learn from other senior leaders in a very personal experience. The food was amazing also. The network I now have not only through the course but the ILF in general is something that will continue to provide benefits long after the course is a distant memory. It was actually really difficult, after nearly two weeks, coming back into the normal world.  The opportunity to leave life behind and focus on learning and growth does not come often and should be embraced and I am very grateful to have been given that opportunity.

I thoroughly recommend taking the time to apply and seek the opportunity for yourself.  Expand your horizons, networks and leverage from what the Industry Leaders Fund can offer.