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The Industry Leaders Fund Scholars Network (ILFSN) provides ongoing training and networking opportunities to ensure that they can maintain currency, share knowledge, improve performance potential and generate appropriate strategic alliances. The ultimate aim is to reinforce the business school learnings that were supported by an ILF grant so that Scholars are in the best possible position to generate economic and employment growth in South Australia. 

To gain an award and qualify as a Scholar an applicant must:

  • satisfy the same leadership criteria as a Rhodes Scholar.
  • work in a wealth creating industry, as defined by the ILF.
  • have been successful in business in South Australia (unless they are very young). 
  • demonstrate a commitment to South Australia.

On receipt of a grant the individual studies at a top level business school and becomes a Scholar of the Industry Leaders Fund. Approximately 20% of Scholars have undertaken courses at Harvard, another 20% at the University of Adelaide, 15% at Melbourne Business School and 10% at each of Oxford Said Business School and the Australian Institute of Company Directors. 

The ILF’s scholars are amongst the top decision makers and industry leaders who will drive wealth creation, both personal and corporate, and build future economic activity in diverse sectors within South Australia. The number of Scholars is expected to grow by about 25 per annum.  

Details about specific Scholars can be found here.

ILF Scholar Details

The ILF has awarded $3.425m worth of grants to 274 talented individuals. On receipt of a grant the individual studies at a top level business school and becomes a Scholar of the Industry Leaders Fund. Full details of our Scholars are included elsewhere in this website in the ILF brochure each year, available in hard copy and online here.

ILF Scholars have received many awards including:

  • Patrick Power, PowerHealth – 2018 Telstra South Australian Medium & Making Waves Award winner.
  • REDARC (Anthony Kittel, Ben Marsh & Jo Hugman) for Australian Industrial Product of The Year and SAGE Automation (Andrew Downs & Adrian Fahey) for Safety Solution of The Year at the 2018 Endeavour Awards.
  • Kelly Baker-Jamieson, Edible Blooms – Canstar Award; No 1 Online Florist in Australia 2018.
  • Sascha La Forgia awarded “World’s Best Whisky” by Whiskey Magazine London 2021.
  • Wirra Wirra Vineyards (Andrew Kay) won the International Best of Wine Tourism Excellence Award 2021.

Many have a high profile: Oscar Fiorinotto (Supashock), Phil Sims (Robern Menz), Prof Karen Nelson Field (Centre for Amplified Intelligence), Kris Lloyd (Woodside Cheese Wrights), Victoria Angove (Angoves Family Winemakers), Zoe Detmold (Detpack), Suzanna Toop (Lululiv), Andrew Kay (Wirra Wirra), Dale Roberts (KOJO), Corrina Wright (Oliver’s Taranga Vineyards) and Michael Hickinbotham.  


Sponsorship Options

Event examplesHalf Day SeminarEvening Keynote Speaker SeminarBreakfast Seminar 
Indicative timings (can be varied to suit topic and venue etc.1230 – Light lunch to begin1800 – Scholars arrive at venue0715 – Scholars arrive at venue, breakfast served
1300 to 1500 – Session one1820 – Welcome and speaker introduction0735 – Welcome and speaker introduction
1500 to 1530 – Afternoon tea1830 – Address commences 0740 – Presentation(s) commence
1530 to 1730 – Session two1850 – Q&A commences0815 – Q&A commences 
1730 to 1830 – Networking drinks including address by sponsor 1915 – Conclusion including address by Sponsor 0835 – Conclusion including address by Sponsor
1830 – Event concludes2000 – Event concludes 0900 – Event concludes
Logo on invitationYesYesYes
Mentions at start and finish of training sessionsYesYesYes
Banners in training and networking roomsYesYesYes
Address attendees at closureUp to 6 minutes Up to 3  minutesUp to 3  minutes
Logo on ILFSN Newsletters for 12 monthsYesYesYes
Access to approximately 274 of the most influential industry leaders in South Australia through newsletters and event invitationsExpected Scholar attendees 30 to 100Expected Scholar attendees 20 to 50 Expected Scholar attendees 20 to 50 
Invitation for members of your staff to attend the training and an additional for networking conclusion

Training 3 staff 

Conclusion 2 staff additional

Training 2 staff 

Conclusion 1 staff additional

Training 2 staff 

Conclusion 1 staff additional

Mention in CEO speech at awards night with approximately 250 guests in attendanceYesYesYes
Input to agenda and potential opportunity to present as appropriateYesYesYes
Other reasonable benefitsNegotiable NegotiableNegotiable
Indicative Investment $6,000$3,000$3,000

Further information please contact

Richard Barrett
Chief Executive
Industry Leaders Fund Inc
0417 283 633

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