Marc Allgrove (ILF2012)


Institution: Australian Institute of Company Directors
Course: Company Directors Course

One of the greatest skills in life is recognising and assessing opportunities when they present themselves. One of the greatest gifts is to have or be given the wherewithal to seize these opportunities when they do so. The Industry Leaders Fund grants are such a gift.

The opportunity to develop my skill set and progress my career through attending the AICD Company Directors Course was realised with the support of the Industry Leaders Fund. The course, presented over five consecutive days, was insightful, motivating and engaging. The level of experience and professionalism residing in all presenters was impressive, and nurtured confidence and participation amongst all attendees.

The intensity of the five day course ensured that all attendees grew to know and respect each other, encouraging significant input and robust debate, which added to the quality of the experience.

The role of CEO at Chapel Hill Winery in McLaren Vale was the first in my career that reported directly to a board, encompassing all the associated fiscal and fiduciary responsibilities. Upon assuming the role, I had a wealth of international and domestic sales and marketing experience in the Australian wine industry, and believed that I had a sound understanding of the functions of the position. With hindsight, it is apparent that I didn’t, and whilst experience over the last four years has taught me much, the consolidation of this learning in the structured and guided format of the Company Directors Course was invaluable.

The course is both theoretical and practical, providing the platforms upon which to make decisions, and relevant examples of the implications and responsibilities of making those decisions.

I would strongly encourage anyone with aspirations of senior management roles and directorships to attend the course.

The application for the Industry Leaders Fund grant was educational and enjoyable, forcing one to reflect on one’s abilities and strengths along with analytically thinking about one’s long term goals and ambitions.

I feel privileged to be a recipient of an Industry Leaders Fund grant and to have attended the AICD Company Directors Course. I feel confident that the course has improved my knowledge and ability to contribute to any organisation for which I work or represent, now and in the future.

South Australia is poised on the edge of opportunity; the next 20 years will be formative and fundamental to the state’s long term development and identity. The state needs leaders to stand up and contribute. Leadership is both innate and learnt. Leadership is an evolving quality and developing skill. The Industry Leaders Fund grant enabled me to develop my leadership skills, and in turn enhance my ability to make a positive contribution to South Australia. I encourage everyone who cares for South Australia, who believes in the opportunities that it represents, and is committed to their realisation to engage with the Fund and see how it can help you to maximise your potential and your impact on South Australia.