Scholars Network

History & Information

During 2013 the Board decided to implement its plan to establish a Scholars Network. Known as the Industry Leaders Fund Scholars Network (ILFSN), an inaugural meeting was held in April 2013. The inaugural Chair for two years until February 2015 was Anthony Kittel. Details of subsequent chairs are included in the ILF history timeline.

The ILFSN is organised by a committee of between six and 10 members and includes a Vice Chair and Treasurer. The ILF Honorary Vice President and the ILF CEO represent the ILF at committee meetings, which are normally held three times a year.

The ILFSN organises a variety of functions during the year, including half day training days, information breakfasts, cocktail functions featuring a prestigious topical keynote speaker address and prestige vehicle drive days in Mitsubishi 4WD vehicles, as well as Mercedes, BMW, and Audi. 

At these functions members compare notes about their courses, the resultant learning, and their current business experiences and conditions in turn reinforcing their ability to ensure their businesses perform at peak levels thereby maximising the contribution to the SA economy.

These functions are free to ILF members thanks to generous sponsorship provided by Grant Thornton, William Back, Morgan Stanley, DMAW Lawyers, Logic Plus, HelpSystems and others.

Members have expressed a strong interest in supporting the ILF objectives of expanding the leadership talent in South Australia, increasing the number of head offices here, growing employment and wealth generation here and in turn strengthening the SA economy.

The ILFSN also operates a mentoring program from time to time, with support from Deloitte.

The Industry Leaders Fund believes the Network is an important value-add for scholars. Many high achieving applicants indicate potential membership of the Network was a prime motivation for their application. 

In the long term, the ILF looks forward to seeing the ILFSN evolve as a well-recognised contributor to the development of a strong business base in South Australia.


The civic value of the Scholars Network
The ILFSN provides a continuing link between the ILF and its Scholars long after their ILF grant supported study concludes. This provides Scholars with an opportunity to maintain and improve their leadership abilities and in turn contribute, through their businesses, to the common good of the South Australian community through economic prosperity. By strengthening the relationship between Scholars and the ILF it is anticipated that businesses of successful Scholars looking for an avenue to give back will at least consider supporting the ILF. Two such donations were committed towards the end of 2021, much earlier than had been thought possible when the ILFSN was established.

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