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You can read about the Board members and their thoughts on the ILF and leadership by clicking on their photos. Their thoughts might help you frame a better grant application.


Colin Peters AM

Honorary Immediate Past President

David McNeil

David McNeil

Honorary President

Paul Haysman

Paul Haysman

Honorary Deputy President/Treasurer

Richard Colebatch

Richard Colebatch

Honorary Vice President

Stephen Myatt

Stephen Myatt

Honorary Board Member

Stephen Richter

Honorary Board Member

Mark Canny

Mark Canny

Honorary Board Member


Chris Stathy OAM

Honorary Board Member


David Heaslip

Honorary Board Member


Stephen Ludlam

Honorary Board Member

Geoff Vogt

Geoff Vogt

Chief Executive Officer



    Honorary Chairman


    Col Peters joined Castalloy in 1962 and retired in 2002 after forty years having been promoted to become Managing Director. During this period the company grew from a small plant in Adelaide to a major industrial force with plants in Adelaide, Albury and Auckland turning over $600m pa with 2500 employees.

    Colin contributed to industry success in a number of ways. He was a member of the National Executive of the Federation of Automotive Products Manufacturers for 20 years, including terms as National Vice President and State President in South Australia. He was a member of the Committee of Management of the Engineering Employers Association of South Australia for 15 years and became President. He has also been a board member of WorkCover Corporation of SA, a board member of Business SA, a member of the National Executive of AIGroup , and has been a member and chairman of a number of government industry advisory boards.

    He has always been passionate about skills development for our younger Australians. He was a board member of EEASAGTS (Group Training Scheme) Board for many years, elected Chairman in 1993. In June 2009 the business of EEASAGTS was transferred to the Australian Industry Group Training Services and Mr Peters was appointed to the AIGTS board. At the same time Mr Peters was appointed inaugural Chairman of the Industry Leaders Fund Inc.

    Col Peters explains, “I am Chairman of the ILF because the entire Board morphed into this new entity following the transfer of the apprentice training activities of the EEASA – GTS to the AI Group in July 2009. I have remained in the role because I believe there are many individuals in Industry right now who have the potential but not the opportunity to become really outstanding leaders. If the fund operates as planned those people will realise their potential to the benefit of themselves and industry in South Australia.

    I sincerely hope that by giving meaningful and focused grants to deserving individuals with leadership potential we can help them obtain key roles in major industries and to make an impact on South Australia in coming years.

    I believe a leader is a person who has the self confidence, the charisma, the passion and the will to take a team into an endeavour and to focus their various abilities into a culture aimed at achieving a successful outcome. Examples of successful leaders I admire are:

    • Mahatma Ghandi
    • Nelson Mandela
    • Winston Churchill
    • John F Kennedy
    • Maggie Thatcher


    Honorary Treasurer

    DAVID MCNEILWith experience in a variety of manufacturing companies in a range of industries at CEO level and on boards, including Laubman and Pank, Tytronics and a number of Government boards, David is well placed to understand how tough business can be and what a true leader needs to be able to do. David’s vision to see South Australia rise again as a leading centre of smart competitive manufacturing with head offices and wealth created here, and firmly believes the ILF is an initiative that will become recognised as a major contributor to this renaissance.


    Manager Finance and Adminstration Honorary Board Member

    Carol Dean completed 30 years service as the Executive Officer Finance and Administration with the Australian Industry Group (previously Engineering Employers Association, South Australia) in February 2010. During that time she also provided services as the Public Officer to the EEASA Group Training Scheme, in fact Carol was there from day one, up until the business was transferred to the Australian Industry Group Training Scheme at the end of the June 2009, 28 years in total. Carol also served on the GTS Board of Governance as the Deputy Chairperson and Treasurer during that period.

    Carol was also the Company Secretary of Enterprise House Pty Ltd and the Corporate Secretary of Innovate SA (formerly the South Australian Centre for Innovation Inc).
    From March 2009 to May 2014 Carol worked with the Industry Leaders Fund on a part-time basis. Her duties included overseeing the day to day operation of the fund and assisting the Chief Executive Officer.

    Carol was delighted to continue as a member of the Board.

    Having seen where we started and what we have learnt along the way, I am really excited to see where our new path will take us. We have the opportunity now to influence and guide future industry leaders. To help them achieve their goals, fulfil their dreams and maybe even exceed their expectations.

    There will be challenges for both the Industry Leaders Fund and the grant applicants, but that is what stretches people, makes them grow and develop and that is what makes leaders. Leaders whom we hope will benefit the future of South Australia. It is going to be very exciting.


    Honorary Board Member

    Sue Frazer brings to the Industry Leaders’ Fund (ILF) Board extensive experience in both the public and private sector. Sue has played a key role in the vocational education and training sector for over 25 years in South Australia.

    Holding qualifications in vocational education and training, Australian Company Directors’ Course and Professional Development, Sue is a strong advocate for the role that training and mentoring can play in developing the careers of young people.

    Sue recently retired from full time work after 6 years as the General Manager for the Engineering Employers Association SA Group Training Scheme (now the Industry leaders Fund) and the Australian Industry Group Training Services. Her particular interest has been in ensuring that apprentices regardless of their background have opportunities to develop their leadership potential. Sue fostered a number of leadership development programs through the apprenticeship system.

    In the past, Sue has been a member of the Construction Industry Training Board and the Senior Secondary Assessment Board of SA. She has been involved in a number of state and national committees that have shaped the current vocational education system within South Australia and Australia.

    Currently, Sue is a Board member of the Industry Leaders’ Fund, a member of the State Advisory Committee for the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme and is an Assessor for the SA Industrial Relations Commission.

    Sue has been inspired by a number of leaders and continues to be inspired by the resilience and capabilities of young people today. Having a very strong social conscience, Sue has found people like Dame Roma Mitchell inspirational. People who are high achievers but still find time to make a contribution to the community are important role models for her as well. She admires the elite cycling athlete, Lance Armstrong’s ongoing commitment to encourage and support cancer sufferers.

    Sue believes that leadership is not just about getting to the peak of any role; it is also about fostering the leadership capacity of others in industry and in the community. Sue is pleased to be a part of the Industry Leaders Fund and believes that the ILF should make a difference in developing the leadership capacity of South Australians.


    Honorary Board Member

    Bernie Kavanagh graduated from the University of Adelaide as a Civil Engineer. His early working life was as a draughtsman and then engineer with the Highways Department of South Australia. This early excellent experience was followed by 15 years with Quarry Industries Ltd where Bernie rose to the position of General Manager, and was an Executive Director of the Company for about 10 years. During this period the Quarry Industries grew from a local South Australian operation to become a national quarrying, concrete and asphalt company with vertically integrated operations and branches in every state of Australia.
    Bernie spent the last 8 years of his working life as General Manager at Perry Engineering, a heavy engineering operation in South Australia. He is currently a director of A Noble and Son Ltd, a national engineering company considered to be a leader in its field of lifting equipment and the provision of lifting solutions.

    During his working life Bernie consistently contributed to the industries in which he was involved. He has been a member of the Institute of Quarrying for 35 years, including a term as State President and a member of the National Executive. For a number of years he was a member of the Board of Examiners for the Mine and Quarry Managers South Australia. He was a member of the Engineering Employers Association of South Australia for 22 years and was President for a term.

    At both Quarry Industries and Perry Engineering, Bernie was very supportive of and actively involved in apprentice selection and training as well as mentoring young engineering graduates. He was a director of the Engineering Employers Association SA Group Training Scheme for many years and following the transfer of the EEASAGTS apprentices to the Australian Industry Group Training Scheme he became an interested and passionate Honorary Board member of the Industry Leaders Fund Inc.

    “It is exciting to be involved with the ILF as it offers the chance to continue to help and foster individuals who demonstrate leadership potential”, says Bernie. He expects that the ILF will provide the extra impetus to deserving recipients to enable them to emerge from the pack and become significant industry and community figures.

    Bernie believes a leader must have the ambition and passion to succeed for their personal gain and that of their community. Necessary characteristics are fairness, honesty, self-confidence, and the ability to take others to common goals.

    Leaders who Bernie admires include Sir Arvi Parbo and Sir Eric Neal.


    Honorary Board Member

    Stephen Myatt is the Director of the Australian Industry Group South Australian Branch (Ai Group)
    The AI Group South Australia Branch was established on 1 July 2009 resulting from a merger between the Engineering Employers Association South Australian and the AI Group.

    AI Group is a leading industry association in Australia. AI Group member businesses employ around 750,000 staff in an expanding range of industry sectors including: manufacturing; engineering; construction; automotive; food; transport; information technology; telecommunications; call centres; labour hire; printing; defence; mining equipment and supplies; airlines; and other related service industries.

    Stephen was previously the Director of the Engineering Employers Association South Australia and had held that position since 1997.

    He has an interest in training and education matters being a longstanding director of the Engineering Employers Association Group Training Scheme, which has now been combined with AI Group Training Scheme and of which he has now become a director.

    In the past he has been an alternate on the Training and Skills Commission and also a member of the SA Accreditation and Registration Council.

    He is also an immediate past Chairperson and present member of the Manufacturing Industry Skills Advisory Council.

    Stephen strongly supports the Industry Leaders Fund as it will be a practical opportunity to provide the next generation of industry leaders in South Australia with assistance to develop the skills necessary to lead companies and provide employment opportunities into the future.


    Honorary Board Member

    Grant Tinney started his professional life as an apprentice toolmaker. After taking the reins of a small mould making business in 1982, the business has grown to supply prestigious domestic and international clients across a wide range of growth industries. Today Grant is the owner / Chief Executive of a number of Advanced Manufacturing businesses which range from mould / die manufacture, automation, engineering services and precision machining.

    Grant’s major role over the last 15 years has been business and strategic development. In this role Grant has travelled extensively to Europe, Asia and in particular the USA, a market to which he has travelled 43 times to date. As Chief Executive one of his prime focuses has been to reposition his businesses away from a highly automotive / whitegoods focus to a diversified non traditional industry focus of defence, aerospace, mining, medical and renewable energies focus with increasing export exposure.

    Grant has been a board member of many industry and government initiatives over the past 20 years including Engineering Employers Association ( EEASA ), EEASA GTS ( Group Training Scheme ), AusIndustry Networks Program ( ANP ), Advanced Manufacturing Action Agenda ( AMAA ), Manufacturing Consultative Committee ( MCC ), Advanced Manufacturing Australia ( AMA ), Advanced Manufacturing SA ( AMSA ), Australian Industry Group SA ( AIG SA ), etc

    Grant offers, “In my years of being involved with industry, training and my extensive travels, I have seen first hand the results achieved by fine young individuals who are provided the opportunities to shine. The future of South Australian industry will be shaped and steered by the brightest, most energetic, most charismatic leaders. Future Leaders who are not afraid to challenge pre conceived ideas and notions; leaders who will not accept second best. I am passionate about working to identify individuals with that certain spark and to provide opportunities not normally available to accelerate their growth and add value to their potential to influence, in a positive sense, the development of this state. Being a director of the Industry Leaders Fund allows me to further my passion to contribute in this way.

    Grant says “Leadership for me is all about providing a vision that is clear, together with a vivid picture of where to go. Good leaders have a firm grasp on what success looks like and how to achieve it.

    Good business leaders create a vision, present the vision to all stakeholders, passionately own the vision and relentlessly drive it to completion.

    Leaders must keep abreast of what is happening in the environments which can shape their future and be able to identify and implement course corrections that are timely and appropriate to maintain success.

    The leaders that Grant particularly admires are individuals who have achieved results well beyond what was thought possible and in difficult circumstances under pressure.

    • Martin Luther King Jr. who fought against huge odds to bring about change
    • Field Marshall Erwin Rommel who often out of favour with high command, with small forces at his disposal continually outmaneuvered and outfought opponents
    • Winston Churchill for his dogged determination and fighting spirit who willed Britain to successfully defend herself


    Honorary Board Member

    David Wilson completed an electrical apprenticeship with Simpson Pope in 1973 and stayed in the trade for six years. He then moved into sales and training as an Area Manager for Hoover and progressed rapidly from there through roles as Marketing Manager for Spotless Ensign, Sales Manager for Anitech, State Manager for Austral Engineering Supplies, General Manager SA/NT for Skilled and General Manager SA for Kone Elevators. He is now Regional Manager for RecruitPack, a recruitment software service for the SME employer.

    David has contributed to industry development by being a member of the Committee of Management of the Engineering Employers Association South Australia for 12 years, Chair of the Greater North Adelaide Regional Development Organisation (GNARDO) and Chair of the Western & Inner Northern Network for Economic Recovery (WINNER). He founded the Labour Hire Association of SA to improve safety across the industry. He became one of the inaugural Directors at Harness Racing SA when that industry was privatised.

    David has always been passionate about training and development of staff and was a board member of EEASAGTS (Group Training Scheme) Board. At both Skilled and Kone he introduced apprentice programs coupled with further advanced training and development to provide long term succession plans in those organisations.

    David Wilson says, “I have been helped throughout my career by having access to training and development opportunities and am particularly grateful to Hoover for their in-house programs, to Skilled for the Mt Eliza Executive Management program and to Kone for sponsoring my MBA at UniSA. I want to now be part of an organisation that provides similar opportunities to people who, through their achievements, passion and presentation, have shown themselves to be potential leaders of the future.

    I want the ILF to be held in high regard as a body that has sensibly identified people with great potential and provided them with significant and meaningful assistance. It will be highly satisfying sometime in the future to hear one, hopefully many, prominent, highly successful leaders acknowledge the assistance received from the ILF as a foundation for their career.

    Key attributes I see in great leaders are the ability to articulate a clear vision that inspires people to follow, respect for people and the environment as the cornerstones of any sustainable vision, charisma, drive and a passion to achieve.

    Some leaders who have inspired me include Steve Jobs, Andrew Carnegie, Mike Terlet, Rob Gerard and Frank Hargrave.”


    Chief Executive Officer

    Geoff Vogt has extensive experience in the financial services and insurance industries. He was for nearly 12 years until July 2008 Chief Executive Officer of the Motor Accident Commission in South Australia, a Statutory Authority which has responsibility for the monopoly compulsory third party insurance scheme in our State.

    Previously Geoff had worked in branch and head office financial positions in a major Australian life insurer, in merchant banking money market and advisory roles, as manager group funding for a major listed Australian corporation, and had shorter periods of experience in a home building company and as an advisor to the Deputy Premier.

    In addition to his role at the ILF Geoff is a Director of Beston Corporate Services, SA Director for interim executive management placement firm, Hamilton Rich, a Director of KeyInvest Ltd, member of the Centennial Park Cemetery Authority Board, Director of United Way SA Inc., and a Director of United Way Australia. He served for approximately 30 years in the Australian Army Reserve in a variety of roles reaching the rank of Lieutenant Colonel and currently provides facility and governance services to certain Australian Defence Force units. He has also served as an office holder on a number of community based Committees and Boards.

    Geoff has been a lecturer and examiner for professional bodies and TAFE over many years.


    Geoff Vogt was delighted to be offered the opportunity to be CEO of the ILF. He said, “I believe this is a once in a lifetime opportunity to establish and nurture an organisation that has the potential to make an enormous difference to the lives of aspiring captains of industry with demonstrated potential. It will do this by allowing them to gain training or an experience opportunity that would not otherwise have been possible for them and that will enable them to quickly reach their potential. My hope and expectation is that such leaders will be the catalyst and backbone for revived growth in the South Australian economy leading to new job opportunities for, amongst others, the trades people who were the basis of the business of the ILF until 1 July 2009. There is no reason why over time these leaders should not match or exceed the performance of some of the leaders who have contributed their stories to this website. I am inspired by the vision of the Board members who fought to create the ILF and are driving it forward and honoured to have been entrusted to make their vision a reality.

    I believe the characteristics exhibited by true leaders include vision, superior communication skills, passion, a powerful drive to succeed, strong inter-personal skills, charisma, inspirational team building capacities, strong moral ethics and a willingness to contribute to their community.

    Industry leaders whose achievements I believe deserve great respect include Bill Gates, Sir Eric Neal, Lindsay Fox, Bill Cooper and Robert Gerard. Other leaders who I admire for their significant contribution to South Australia include Dr Roger Sexton and Stephen Baker. Over time I would hope that ILF grant recipients will be able to meet and even exceed the achievements of these people. If the ILF were to get really lucky we might facilitate the development of a modern day industry leader and creator who could emulate a Bill Gates for example whether in the IT industry or some other industry. I believe this is not impossible and the growth in SA if this were to happen would be a crowning glory for the ILF, for the State, and for Australia.

    In summary my hope is that the ILF can help people with real potential, and dedication to realise their leadership dreams for the benefit of our community”.


    Honorary Board Member

    Richard has a long history of contribution to industry through senior Board and committee roles in a number of national and local industry associations including the Australian Industry Group, the Plastics Industry Association and Business SA. These roles have included being an office bearer up to the level of President on at least two occasions.

    He has always been passionate about developing his leadership skills through formal one off training programs such as the Company Directors Course and by continuous improvement through ongoing membership of The Executive Connection (TEC). He says that following through the TEC processes is like doing a working MBA. He is an avid reader of leadership books and keeps himself up to date in current affairs developments in order to be able to make fully informed leadership decisions.

    He believes that the cornerstone to success in business leadership is applying energy and effort from establishing a vision to implementation, in an ethical way. His motto is “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you”. If you wish to be successful some of the best money invested will be obtaining the best professionals to provide the best advice possible. The benefit of good advice cannot be overstated.


    If we are to develop a suite of modern profitable growing wealth creating industries for the benefit of South Australians we need to leverage our leaders and those with real leadership potential and help them grow. I believe the team based approach of the ILF is an outstanding way to developing the leaders we need to create head offices and wealth creating industries in South Australia. The success of any organisation is directly proportional to the ability of the chairman, and the ILF has a Chairman with an outstanding achievement record. In summary I believe the ILF is an excellent incubator for aspiring and current leaders to leverage themselves from each other, to grow success as individuals and as a group.


    Aside from the developmental opportunities the ILF offers to fund, I would highly recommend joining Toastmasters. I personally found it to be one of the most beneficial things I have ever done and the cost is minimal. Toastmasters is all about positive improvement through better listening, thinking and speaking. Different clubs have different characteristics and are at different stages of development. The secret to gaining the maximum benefit is to choose a club that is best suited to you and to do that I recommend visiting three clubs before deciding which one to join.

    I believe a true leader is someone who has the wisdom to see what is required, the ability to inspire those who need to act to achieve the aim and the courage of his/her convictions to overcome all obstacles.

    Four leaders I most admire are:

    • Sir Eric Neil who is a great South Australian who has created more wealth in South Australia than most South Australians will ever realise.
    • Winston Churchill who lead Britain through its darkest hours.
    • Ronald Reagan who had the strength of conviction to sack the air traffic controllers when they threatened to bring the USA to a halt and bring the dispute to a successful conclusion for the benefit of the travelling public.
    • Bob Hawke who took on the pilots Federation to ensure air travel would be available and affordable to most Australians.


    Honorary Board Member

    Paul Haysman commenced his professional career with Peat, Marwick, Mitchell & Co., Chartered Accountants in 1981. Paul worked primarily in the areas of taxation and general business services, and a highlight of his time with what was to become KPMG included a three month secondment to Goroka, in the highlands of PNG.

    In 1985, Paul left Peat Marwick and joined Philmac Pty Ltd as an Accountant. Philmac is a world leader in the design, manufacture and distribution of fittings and valves for water and gas pipeline systems. With its head office and manufacturing facilities located at North Plympton, South Australia, Philmac has branches in each state of Australia and an extensive network of agents around the world.

    Paul was appointed to the Board of Philmac in December 1988. He held the positions of Finance Director and Director & General Manager before being appointed Managing Director in December 1995, a position he held until his departure in October 2002.

    During Paul’s time with the company, Philmac was a finalist in the South Australian Manufacturer of the Year Award in 1992, 1994, 1998, 1999 and 2000, won the Water Industry Category award in 1996 and 1997, and won the Large Company Category Award in 2000. Philmac has also been a recipient of numerous awards for innovation and business excellence from customers and a number of high profile public and private institutions.

    In addition to his responsibilities at Philmac, Paul was co-opted by the international parent company to manage all of the global Group’s activities in Japan and Korea, which included the establishment of an office in Tokyo. He was also seconded to a sister company in Switzerland during 2001 to advise them on enterprise improvement opportunities.

    In October 2002, Paul left Philmac and acquired Hillmark Industries Pty Ltd, a company primarily involved in the development, manufacture and distribution of specialised cleaning products for domestic appliances. Paul rapidly grew the business, which brought it to the attention of larger players in the industry. In October 2008, the majority of the business, including the Hillmark brand, was sold to Selleys, a division of Dulux Group Ltd.

    The remaining part of the Hillmark business, which imports and distributes electrical and other small appliances, was retained by Paul and re-named Ezi Concepts Pty Ltd. Paul has gone on to acquire further business interests, including Accredited Window Tinting Pty Ltd (November 2010) and Statewide Appliance Spares Pty Ltd (September 2011). Paul continues to be actively involved in all aspects of each of these businesses, as well as being the independent Chairman of the Jeffries Group.

    Paul holds a Bachelor of Business and is a Fellow of the Institute of Company Directors. He has held a number of Board positions in public and private corporations, including Jeffries Group, Royal District Nursing Service SA, Williams Refrigeration Australia Pty Ltd, the Manufacturing Industry Advisory Board, Business S.A., President of the Engineering Employers Association of South Australia, and on the National Executive of the Australian Industry Group.


    Paul believes that an important element of future economic and social success for South Australia will be good leadership.

    “It is essential that we equip our current and future leaders with the skills and knowledge that will allow them to drive their enterprises to succeed and grow. This will provide wealth for our State and jobs for our children.”

    “My hope is that the ILF will add substantially to the leadership capital of industry in South Australia by making world class management education accessible to many more people than would otherwise be the case.”

    In Paul’s view the ideal leader would have “the grace and humility of Nelson Mandela, the creativity and vision of Steve Jobs and the energy and healthy disrespect for authority of Fred Hollows.”


    Honorary Board Member

    In the first ten years of his career, David worked on the family farm in the mid North of South Australia. He then completed a business degree at the University of South Australia as a mature aged student.

    After completing studies at the University of South Australia David worked for one of Australia’s largest seafood retailers selling product within Australia and subsequently, into Europe. He later held a role as Sales Manager for a division of AWA that serviced mining and transport companies, before joining the Century Group as General Manager. He is presently Managing Director and controlling shareholder of the Century Group.

    In his current role David has been responsible for reshaping a traditional manufacturing business and expanding Century through developing high level capability and new markets within the organisation and also expanding the group by business acquisition. The Century Group now provides a diverse range of general engineering solutions and water treatment services to infrastructure and utility markets in Australia.


    Honorary Board Member

    Mark Canny

    Mark Canny began his industrial career with Tubemakers BTM Kilburn in 1985. Two years later he became Purchasing Manager at Hills Limited in Adelaide.

    In 1989, Mark moved to Wales and spent 6 years as Managing Director of Hills UK (a wholly owned subsidiary company of Hills Australia). The UK business designed and manufactured clotheslines and garden sprayers that were sold in the UK, Western Europe and Scandinavia.

    Mark returned to Australia to head up the Home and Hardware Division of Hills. The business manufactured and sold consumer durable products under the brands of Bailey, Hills, Kelso and Triton, The Division had 550 staff in factories in Adelaide, Melbourne and Brisbane and logistics operations in each Australian state and the north and south islands of New Zealand. There were 3 R&D teams totalling 40 staff and a sales and marketing team of 60 spread across Australia and New Zealand.

    In 2007 Mark became CEO of Intercast & Forge, Australia’s largest independent iron foundry operation. The Adelaide and Sydney foundries produced 70,000 tonnes pa of iron castings with primary markets being automotive and rail track systems. The key shareholder was the Sydney based private equity group CHAMP Ventures. The Sydney operation (together with the automotive supply contracts) was sold in 2010 to an Australian automotive supply group. In 2012 the Adelaide foundry was sold to its largest rail customer, a French based industrial group.

    Since the 2012 sale, Mark has undertaken a number of project roles with a focus on manufacturing and marketing strategy.

    Role and hopes for ILF
    Mark believes that the future for business in South Australia lies with great management and leadership.

    “We have a great standard of living in South Australia and, to maintain that, we must innovate at all levels – especially our business models. Our future lies in high value added niche businesses and this requires outstanding leadership.”

    “My hope is that the ILF can help to foster a pride in business leadership and a community wide desire to develop and nurture our potential leaders. ILF can only be a catalyst but this is a critical role in the process.”