The Colin J Peters AM Memorial Award

Colin J Peters AM Memorial Award Recipients

2023 - David Wilson

David Wilson, Founder and Chief Technology Officer of Green Frog Systems, is a humble individual, yet impresses as a natural leader and high achiever. He has come through myriad challenges and a few setbacks to emerge with his team having one of the most innovative businesses in the energy space. David's choice of the MIT Global CEO Program is ideal as he furthers his general management capability beyond the tech sphere.

2022 - Stephen Moss

Stephen Moss, Chief Executive Officer, Trymoss Engineering Pty Ltd has shown drive, initiative strong innovation skills and a caring approach to managing and leading the family business after an unexpectedly early transfer of control. He is active in the community and helping young people to make career choices would have made Col proud.

Aaron Bain receives Colin Peters AM Memorial Award 2021

2021 - Aaron Bain

Aaron Bain, General Manager, Rural Division for Ahrens Group, stood out in 2021 amongst a very strong field. His record of achievement at work, and in his community activities, in the face of the significant challenge at the tender age of 28 was impressive to say the least. In many ways, the Board concluded he resembles what Colin would have been like at a similar age.

Scott Peters, Anthony Kittel, Nicole Peake

2020 - Anthony Kittel

Anthony Kittel’s REDARC is engaged in modern manufacturing and by 2020 had expanded by over 400 per cent since receiving his ILF grant in 2010.

Anthony has contributed actively to the goals of the ILF, including as inaugural Chairman of the Scholars Committee. He actively mentors and supports other business leaders and workforce training opportunities, both at Redarc and in the community.

He is energetically engaged in industry bodies including as President of the Ai Group SA Branch Advisory Committee. Brought up in modest circumstances in Port Augusta, Anthony has also contributed to community activities including through committee work and fundraising walks.


The Colin J Peters AM Memorial Award is funded through a significant donation made in February 2020 by Scott Peters and Nicole Peake, the children of the Fund’s inaugural president, the late Colin J Peters AM.

It will honour their father in a way that memorialises everything that Colin’s business life was about and in perpetuity will be presented to the applicant who best meets several assessment criteria.

The award is the most prestigious award made by the ILF. The ILF intends to present the award annually to commemorate Colin’s contribution to the founding and great success of the ILF in meeting its objectives and providing so many opportunities for learning and experience to aspiring industry leaders in South Australia.

In essence, it epitomises the values of the ILF and reflects its scholar selection criteria. It will be the largest award presented by the ILF in any year, unless the award is presented to a current scholar who is considered by the ILF Board to best epitomise the ILF values and is considered to be a high achiever in contributing to the goals of the ILF, in which case a non-monetary award may be made.


To be eligible for the Colin J Peters AM Memorial Award an applicant must be engaged in some way in manufacturing in South Australia, which will include any business that uses components, parts, or raw materials to make a finished good, and any business that fits the definition of manufacturing from time to time as adjudged by the ILF Board.

It is intended that the award will be made giving consideration to the following criteria:

  • An applicant who has the potential to make the biggest difference in terms of employment and wealth generation in South Australia.
  • An applicant who invests time and/or resources in developing the industrial and leadership talents of younger members of the workforce.
  • An applicant who has overcome adversity or disadvantage to reach a position of leadership.
  • An applicant who has already demonstrated business leadership capabilities in contributing to community activities and outcomes.
  • An applicant with a desire to develop their leadership skills through a combination of an official course and a more practical learning experience, such as a relevant tour, may be favourably considered.

The Award will be given to a suitable applicant assessed by the Board of the ILF in its absolute discretion. If the Board does not consider there is a suitable applicant in any year, no award will be made.


The ILF will advertise and promote the award recipients through appropriate media channels, a website honour board, the ILF brochure and in appropriate displays.

About Colin John Peters AM

Adelaide automotive manufacturing veteran Colin Peters oversaw the transformation of a small Adelaide aluminium foundry into a global industrial auto supplier before directing his efforts to fostering SA’s future industry leaders to benefit the state’s economy.

He overcame a challenging childhood to forge a successful 40-year career at Castalloy, ultimately overseeing its period of rapid growth from a small plant in SA to 2500 employees across plants in Adelaide, Albury, and Auckland. In later years he served on boards and was founding Chairman and later President of the Industry Leaders Fund.

He credited his rise to decades of hard work, commitment, and dedication, all the while remembering his humble beginnings, as a boy ‘from the wrong side of the tracks’.

Born in Salisbury in 1943 and the youngest of three boys, Colin attended Nailsworth Technical High School before leaving school at 14 to find work. After stints as a bike messenger and advertising salesperson, in 1962 Colin found a job at Castalloy, an aluminium casting business. Within a decade he became Chief Executive, and during the next 30 years oversaw its expansion and growth to become a major supplier of aluminium parts, including the main provider of wheels and other aluminium parts to Harley-Davidson in the US. Colin also served at times as National Vice-President and State President of the Federation of Automotive Products Manufacturers, Chair of the SA Automotive Industry Advisory Board, and member of Austrade’s Automotive Export Advisory Board. Three years after Castalloy was bought by car parts and transport group Ion Limited, Colin retired from the Ion board and ended his four decades at the helm of Castalloy.

In retirement he remained busy, his business acumen sought by peak industry bodies and businesses. In 2009 he became the founding Chairman of the Industry Leaders Fund, after the Engineering Employers Association SA merged into the Australian Industry (Ai) Group to create a national body. He refused to dwell on the demise of the local and national automotive industry, understanding Australia could ill-afford to continue to subsidise the sector.

In 2016 aged 72, Colin was awarded a Member (AM) of the Order of Australia, predominantly for his years of service to the automotive manufacturing sector. He would describe it as the proudest moment of his life.

He was survived by wife Barbara (now deceased), children Scott and Nicole and two grandchildren.

Colin Peters AM
 Colin John Peters AM

March 14, 1943 – May 1, 2019