Appointment as an ILF Ambassador

The ILF is an Incorporated Association with a membership base. Under the constitution interested parties are eligible to become members provided they:

  • have held a position as an Engineering Employers Association of South Australia Office Bearer or an Al Group South Australian Branch Council Office Bearer, or
  • have been the Director of EEASA or been the Director (or equivalent) of the Ai Group South Australian Branch, or
    hold or has been an office bearer of the AI Group South Australian Branch Advisory Committee, or
  • have previously held the position of Chief Executive Officer of the Industry Leaders Fund, or
  • a Scholar who has completed their course of study, been a member of the Industry Leaders Fund Scholars Network committee for at least 12 months and held the position of Chairman, Treasurer, Secretary or Functions member of the Industry Leaders Fund Scholars Committee.

Those who choose to nominate for membership of the ILF are considered to be Ambassadors of the ILF.

Current Ambassadors

  • Leon Andrewartha
  • Geoff Blomfield
  • Bob Cole
  • Carol Dean
  • Emilio De Stefano
  • Adrian Fahey
  • Susan Frazer
  • Robert Gerard AO
  • David Hart
  • Anne Hinton
  • Bernie Kavanagh
  • Kelly Keates
  • Anthony Kittel
  • Eddie Lane
  • Chantale Millard
  • Stephen Myatt
  • Mike Nagel
  • Mark Nykiel
  • Grant Price
  • Mike Terlet AO
  • Paul Thomas
  • Grant Tinney
  • Steven Todd
  • Darren Turner
  • Geoff Vogt
  • Shaun Westcott
  • Jonathan Westover
  • David Wilson