Apply Online

Enquiries for 2023 applications are welcome now!

Applications can be made from the end of January and a day at the end of May, as specified by the ILF. At other times, the application system is upgraded to ensure it is at best practice. If you find the system is not available, please contact Suzi ( to register as a potential applicant, and we will notify you when applications open. You will then be able to complete and lodge your first stage application online.

Partially completed forms can be saved, and you can log in again when you are ready to continue completing the form.

You must ensure that you complete and press the submit button before the first closing date of the first-round application.

A submitted application may be amended up until, but not after, midnight on the close-off date specified by the ILF.

Before applying you should read the Assessment Criteria.

If you are in any doubt, you should contact the ILF CEO on 0457 900 202 or

Late applications will not be accepted under any circumstances.

If you are considered by ILF to have demonstrated the necessary leadership potential in the first stage application, you will be notified by ILF and asked to complete the stage two application form.

Before applying you should refer to the Are you eligible for a grant? section.

If you remain unsure, please contact the ILF CEO on 0457 900 202 or