Richard Sims (ILF2012)


Institution: Melbourne Business School
Course: Leadership Development

I can’t thank Geoff Vogt and the Board of the Industry Leaders Fund (ILF) enough for the grant received in 2012. I feel very privileged to have received the assistance, and to join an increasing number of past and future ILF recipients.

The application process was straightforward and very easy to traverse. I was particularly impressed with the professionalism of the staff, and found the interview selection process open, honest and supportive of the Leadership Development Program (LDP) at Mt Eliza, the premier course at Melbourne Business School, University of Melbourne.

The Leadership Development Program (LDP) ® at Mt Eliza was a five day-live in program that develops leaders who are capable of bridging levels and functions in the organisation, leading other managers, and turning strategy into action.

LDP’s main development focus was on the following:

  • Develop communication, self-awareness, influence, and learning agility to manage complexity and handle the tensions of ever-shifting dynamics in all organisations.
  • Collaborate across the organisation, grow alignment, build commitment and lead change.
  • Build resilience in yourself and others to efficiently manage pressure, deadlines and setbacks.
  • Think and act systemically to take considered action in a complex, rapidly changing environment.
  • Convert strategy into action to connect organisational goals with everyday processes and produce ‘big-picture’ outcomes.
  • Leverage your leadership experience gained from multiple life roles to increase leadership effectiveness.

There was a real and in-depth focus on personal development, which included 360-degree feedback reports, FIRO business profile, and workplace Big Five profile reports, which were completed before attending, and the feedback given in the first few days. During the program, presenters and other peer participants gave honest and sometimes confronting feedback that made you really think about your own leadership style, interactions with peers, board, staff and other key stake holders, as well as your levels of resilience.

I feel fortunate to be a recipient from ILF, and very confident LDP has improved my knowledge and leadership abilities, particularly in the areas of change management and providing supportive feedback that influences the positive behaviours required.

The ILF grant has empowered me to further develop my leadership skills and boost my ability to make a positive contribution to Robern Menz, the National Confectionery Industry and the general community of South Australia. I encourage everyone who has a passion for South Australia, believes in the opportunities that this state can provide, is committed to ongoing education and self-development, to explore the opportunities ILF can provide.