Carl Heyne (ILF2014)


Institution: Australian Institute of Company Directors
Course: Company Directors Course

Institution: Shinka Management
Course: Lean Japan Tour

I was fortunate to be the recipient of a grant that covered two separate programs.

When it was suggested that I apply for an Industry Leaders Fund grant, I decided to look outside of the education courses that are historically associated with the horticultural and nursery industries.

I have always been interested in improving production efficiencies so I found the ‘Shinka Management Lean Japan Tour’ of particular interest. I saw firsthand how Japanese companies have risen to global success by focusing on the reduction of wastes as opposed to the scale of economy of mass production. Learning the philosophies and methodologies of Toyota Production System from Toyota, the inventors of lean, has completely altered the perspective from which I evaluate all aspects of my operation. My lean journey has begun…

I also took the opportunity to build my directorship skills and knowledge through the Company Directors course offered by the AICD. Understanding governance issues has never been more important for business owners and directors. The course covers “effective decision-making, the legal aspects of directorship, financial literacy and strategy, as well as putting the lessons into practice.” I have found the course and the network that it has opened up for me to be extremely valuable. The course is well regarded. Since completing the course I have had opportunities in the way of industry board of directors and industry advisory boards presented to me.

I would strongly recommend both of these courses for consideration by any potential future ILF Scholars!