Douglas Fahlbusch, Dr (ILF2015)

Institution: Ritz-Carlton Leadership Centre (USA)
Course: Excellence in the Patient Experience

I was a mid-career specialist medical practitioner (anaesthesia) aiming to establish myself in an area outside of my expertise – process improvements in healthcare. I had previously worked pro bono for hospitals and professional medical organisations in this space, and recognised a need for someone to speak both the languages of business and of healthcare.

A desire to do something was sparked when I learnt the language of patients – I unexpectedly experienced surgical care first hand, as a cancer patient.

ILF provided $2,500 towards the DENT Key Person of Influence Accelerator in 2015, which I undertook in Melbourne in 2016. This has been instrumental in establishing myself as an author, speaker and consultant, helping healthcare facilities to:

  • Turn intention into action;
  • Improve the user experience for patients, staff and clinicians; and
  • Reduce risk and cost.

Currently we are undertaking research to better characterise the solutions required by healthcare practices and facilities, in order to develop and scale a world class solution.

The ILF Grant has provided personal growth, with business growth in the pipeline.