Michael Hamilton (ILF2016)


Institution: Berkeley Hass School of Business (USA)
Course: Corporate Business Model Innovation Program

I was fortunate to undertake study at Berkeley, Hass School of business studying “Corporate Business Model Innovation”. Some of key learnings from the study included an open innovation approach with the purpose of progressing innovation more rapidly within a start-up or established business. To foster the idea of partnering with external companies to help progress innovation, taking conceptual product ideas to finished marketable products via a controlled process. The ability to funnel all product and business innovative ideas via milestone gates so that the cream of the ideas rises to the top and effort and resources are properly allocated to these key areas so that they have potential to become most profitable to the business.

I found the course to be very informative and in my mind will enable me to think and make decisions about the way business is done in a forever changing society, the course challenges business leaders to bring forward new ideas and concepts to ensure that the way things are done doesn’t become the norm and there are always alternative ways to realise the benefit of open innovation in product development and the way business is conducted.

The study covered areas within business Innovation that enabled myself to better understand and facilitate innovation in both start-up organisations and in my case established corporate domains.

I would like to thank the “Industry Leaders fund” for the opportunity to study at Berkeley with the grant funds provided.