Michael Clayton (ILF2022)


Melbourne Business School

Advanced Management Program

As a recipient of an Industry Leaders Fund (ILF) grant, my leadership journey has been one of reflection, inspiration and transformation.

The ILF grant application process was rigorous yet rewarding. It allowed me to delve into my leadership journey, both past and future. Guided by the former CEO of ILF, Geoff Vogt, I navigated through the application requirements. The panel interview provided a unique opportunity to reflect on my leadership experiences, be challenged and envision the leader I aspire to become.

In February 2023, I attended the Advanced Management Program at Melbourne Business School. This residential course spanned 11 intense days and covered a wide spectrum of essential business topics, including strategy, data analytics, corporate finance, value creation, power and influence, ethics, resilience, and personal brand. My fellow participants were seasoned business leaders who provided a broad range of experience which enriched my learnings.

During the course, we participated in the Leadership Circle 360 exercise. This powerful tool enabled us to analyse our leadership strengths and identify areas for growth. It was a humbling experience that reinforced my commitment to continuous improvement.

I am honoured to be the inaugural recipient of the Seeley International Imagineering Award. I extend my heartfelt gratitude to Seeley International and the Industry Leaders Fund for their support. As I join an elite network of peers and inspirational business leaders, I am excited about the journey ahead. Together, we will shape the future of leadership and make a lasting impact.

Some learnings from my ILF Journey so far:

  • Quit Early and Quit Often: Recognise when a path isn’t aligned with your goals and have the courage to change direction.
  • Continuous Learning: The best leaders never stop learning. Embrace curiosity and seek knowledge.
  • Situational Leadership: Adapt your leadership style to the context and needs of your team.
  • Action Matters: Leadership isn’t just theory; it’s about doing the work and leading by example.
  • Get Uncomfortable: Be comfortable with discomfort—it’s where growth happens.