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Carol Ann Dean - Honorary Board Member

Carol Dean completed 30 years’ service as the Executive Officer Finance and Administration with the Australian Industry Group (previously Engineering Employers Association, South Australia) in February 2010. During that time she also provided services as the Public Officer to the EEASA Group Training Scheme. In fact Carol was there from day one, up until the business was transferred to the Australian Industry Group Training Scheme at the end of June 2009, 28 years in total. Carol also served on the GTS Board of Governance as the Deputy Chairperson and Treasurer during that period.

Carol was also the Company Secretary of Enterprise House Pty Ltd. and the Corporate Secretary of Innovate SA (formerly the South Australian Centre for Innovation Inc).

From March 2009 to May 2014, Carol worked with the Industry Leaders Fund on a part-time basis. Her duties included overseeing the day to day operation of the fund and assisting the Chief Executive Officer.

Carol was delighted to continue as a member of the Board.

Having seen where we started and what we have learnt along the way, I am really excited to see where our new path will take us. We have the opportunity now to influence and guide future industry leaders, to help them achieve their goals, fulfill their dreams and maybe even exceed their expectations.

There will be challenges for both the Industry Leaders Fund and the grant applicants, but that is what stretches people, makes them grow and develop, and that is what makes leaders: leaders whom we hope will benefit the future of South Australia. It is going to be very exciting.