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chris stathy oam - honorary board member

Chris Stathy 06BACKGROUND
Chris Stathy OAM is a highly respected and experienced business leader and company director, with a proven track record in national and global markets across various industry sectors.

He is a leading management consultant, and founded Hazelwood Industry Solutions in 2014 to provide results-driven strategy and development services to business. A former Chief Executive Officer of Fielders Australia Pty Ltd, a South Australian based company specialising in the manufacture of steel roofing, flooring and associated products.

Prior to joining Fielders, Mr Stathy was Managing Director of Philmac Pty Ltd, a leading manufacturer and supplier of polyethylene pipe system fittings and valves to global markets.

He has also previously worked in senior management roles in the electronics and automotive industries.

More than ever before, leadership is an important element of industry success. As the pace of business escalates, and the information overload continues to build, enterprises require strong and clear strategic leadership with a disciplined focus on building enterprise value. Many enterprises neglect this important factor, and as a consequence, fail to optimise their full potential.

Good leaders are constantly striving to improve not only the performance of the enterprise they may lead, but equally, their people and themselves. They are constantly searching for a better way to realise their vision and one way of doing that is to expose themselves to different ways of doing things. Leadership training and development is an important part of this process.

The Industry Leaders Fund plays an important role in raising awareness of the importance of leadership by supporting the development of South Australia’s leadership talent through its leadership grants program. I strongly encourage anybody wishing to develop their leadership capability to take advantage of this.