Lumination State Innovator Award

Lumination State Innovator Award
Inaugural Recipient

2022 - Dr Brenton Cooper, CEO & Director, Fivecast

Brenton has been instrumental in developing security analysis software that is widely recognised as the best in the world in its field. His understated approach and considered manner belie his achievements. He has built a team at Fivecast that is recognised as a world-leading provider of cutting-edge digital intelligence solutions. This builds on an exceptional history of career success including at Motorola, BAE Systems and the Data to Decisions CRC. Clients include many of the world’s most important public and private organisations to whom Fivecast provides the capability to explore masses of digital data, gaining insights which are critical in protecting our communities. It is pleasing that the global intelligence industry is adopting the products of this quietly confident high achieving and intelligent business leader to thwart the intentions of bad actors and limit their capacity to damage free world societies. The achievements of his company in terms of quality product and rapid growth within just 5 years of being established are exceptional. His ability to develop and adapt a whole new field of technology is truly benefitting communities far and wide and his achievements are placing South Australia on the world map in a big way.


The award is intended to encourage applicants who will innovatively use technology for the benefit of society and in doing so project South Australia onto the world stage in the same way that Lumination’s business of immersive educational technology is being developed. Funded by an annual donation of $20,000, the award was arranged by ILF Scholar, Edward Carlson who is the CEO and founder of Lumination.

The grant will provide an additional top up to the standard grant amount that would be offered for a Scholar attending the selected course and is offered to the applicant who most satisfies the eligibility criteria.


This award is open to all applicants for an ILF grant, provided they satisfy the following criteria:

  • They must satisfy the standard ILF selection criteria to obtain an ILF grant.
  • They must demonstrate an innovative mindset; using technology to solve an important problem that enhances everyday practices.
  • They must have invested time and effort in innovation through the application of technology.
  • They must demonstrate a desire and drive to use this solution to showcase Adelaide and South Australia on the global stage.
  • They must be able to demonstrate the primary purpose in applying the solution is to benefit the community rather than profit maximisation, recognising that sufficient revenue must be generated to cover costs and provide a reasonable return to investors to ensure the ongoing viability of their business.
  • An applicant who works outside of a traditional technology organisation will be favourably considered.
  • Such other criteria as are closely related to the above as the Board deems fit.

The Award will be given to a suitable applicant assessed by the Board of the ILF in its absolute discretion. If the Board does not consider there is a suitable applicant in any year, no award will be made.


The ILF will advertise and promote the award recipients through appropriate media channels, a website honour board, the ILF brochure and in appropriate displays.

Lumination builds immersive technology that enhances and interacts with the physical world around us, creating the most effective way to learn, through experiences. Founded in 2016, the Company started in a garage in Semaphore, Adelaide, with the goal of disrupting one of the oldest practices in history — the conventional classroom. Lumination is working with thousands of schools nationally and is rapidly expanding into the defence, government and enterprise sectors. To support this rapid market expansion, the employee team has been growing at an average compound rate of 100% per annum since commencement. Lumination is committed to strengthening the future of the workforce and taking learning to the next level on the world stage.

About Edward Carlson

After an early background in Experiential Marketing, Live Events, Retail Experience, and Partnerships through London based Tro, Edward joined Google and rose rapidly to become an Industry Manager ANZ based in Sydney. He founded Lumination while in Sydney and understanding the advantages of the business climate in SA transferred to Adelaide in 2018. Edward is determined to build the local economy beyond the significant contribution made by Lumination. 

About Lumination

Edward Carlson
 Edward Carlson