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Industry Leaders Fund Reaches Major Milestone of Awarding More Than $1,000,000 Worth of Grants to SA Business Leaders

Industry Leaders Fund reaches major milestone of awarding more than $1,000,000 worth of grants to SA Business leaders.

In 2015 the Industry Leaders Fund (ILF) awarded 21 grants worth $235,000 to help future South Australian business leaders achieve their professional potential.

This takes the total value of grants awarded by the ILF to $1,082,000 since 2010, an outstanding milestone.

Former Senator for South Australia, Amanda Vanstone, presented the awards at the National Wine Centre on 29 September.

Recipients comprised executives and managers from diverse industry sectors including food, wine, medical, IT, health, engineering, electronics, manufacturing and bio-technology.

The new scholars, chosen from 60 applicants, will attend global programs delivered by Harvard Business School, INSEAD, Melbourne Business School, University of Adelaide, Stanford Graduate School of Business, Torrens University, London Business School, the Australian Institute of Company Directors and other leading education institutions.

Among the new ILF Scholars are Wayne Duffy, Managing Director of Dulwich Bakery and Victoria Angove, Executive Director of Angove Family Winemakers.

Dulwich Bakery is an award winning neighbourhood bakery with a reputation for the highest quality products, and has experienced significant expansion in recent years.

Chief Executive Officer of the ILF, Geoff Vogt, said Duffy held the vision, focus and determination that have driven the significant growth in the Dulwich business in a highly competitive field.

The Strategic Success Program at the Melbourne Business School will take Waynes leadership abilities to even greater heights, facilitating faster and superior growth of the business, leading to more employment and wealth in South Australia, Vogt said.

Angove Family Winemakers is one of South Australias oldest family-owned and operated wine companies established in 1886 by Dr William Thomas Angove.

Ms Angove impresses as a vibrant, energetic, fifth generation member of the Angove family who is preparing herself to take charge of the business and responsibility for the family heritage.

The Building and Sustaining a Successful Enterprise Program at the Harvard Business School will further enhance Victorias leadership skills and should ensure the business goes from strength to strength.

An ILF Scholars survey in April 2015 reported that since the respondents had completed their courses, 45 new jobs had been created or are planned in South Australia in the immediate future.

With total grants awarded at that time of $847,000, this is a cost per job of under $19,000, which compares favourably with many government industry incentive programs offering investment support over a five or ten year period that typically cost between $20,000 and $40,000 per job, Vogt said.

In other words, our evidence would indicate that focused leadership training, supported by the ILF, is a superior job creation methodology when compared with conventional government programs.

The ILF, which transitioned from training organisation to leadership enabler in 2009, is now recognised as the states pre-eminent education grant provider.

A non government organisation that is fully funded by the private sector and governed by a Board of honorary directors, it is credited with funding professional development for some of South Australias highest achievers, and directly contributing to employment and economic growth.

Former grant recipients who achieved outstanding success in 2014 include:

  • Shane Kelly of Kelly Engineering, who was named EY Central Region Entrepreneur of the Year 2014 (technology category)
  • Anthony Kittel of Redarc, which was named Telstra Australian Business of the Year 2014
  • Jeremy Hawkes of Bowhill Engineering, which was named Telstra South Australian Regional Business of the Year 2014.

Anthony Kittel said the ILF is a vital contributor to developing South Australias future business leaders.

The funds support of my own leadership development has enabled our business to grow rapidly and employ more South Australians than I ever expected, Kittel said.


  • Victoria Angove, Executive Director, Angove Family Winemakers
  • Sophie Betts, Commercial Manager, Lenswood Cold Stores Cooperative Society Ltd
  • Dr Cindy Dennis, Business Development Manager, Group General Manager elect, Lightforce Australia Pty Ltd
  • Wayne Duffy, Managing Director, Dulwich Bakery
  • Dr Douglas Fahlbusch, Business Owner and Director, Perioperative Solutions Pty Ltd
  • Ryan George, Estimator, Mayfield Industries
  • Graham Hannah, Chief Operating Officer, Hostworks
  • Chris Hartwig, Executive General Manager, Korvest Ltd
  • Chris Henry, General Manager, Austofix
  • Kelly Keates, Managing Director and Owner, Zonge Engineering
  • Benjamin Macey, Electrical and Instrument Engineer, GPA Engineering
  • Dr Jordan Parham, Engineering Manager, FCT Combustion
  • Michael Peachey, CEO, Wellness & Lifestyles Care Services
  • Benjamin Rowe, CEO, Brauer Natural Medicine
  • Ulli Spranz, Managing Director and Owner, B-d. Farm Paris Creek Pty Ltd
  • Jarrod Starkey, General Manager, Whyalla Hose & Fitting Services Pty Ltd
  • Dr Richard Stewart, Co-Founder and Managing Director, Ziltek Pty Ltd
  • Darren Turner, Managing Director, MiniJumbuk
  • Kym Welsby, Engineering Manager/Global Product Manager, Clearswift
  • Tom Williams, Cell Leader Machinist, BAE Systems Australia
  • Claire Wood, Business Owner, Careme Pastry

Contact: For media interviews with 2015 recipients or the ILF Chairman or CEO, contact Geoff Vogt on 0457 900 202